Videos and Films for and about St Ives

Videos and films created by or for The Archive, using our resources.

St Ives Archive - then
SIA M. Hobbs 2020

A short introduction to who we were at the Parish Rooms. (Mark Hobbs - 2014)
GWR Branch Line
SIA GWR Branch Line 1870
The Most Significant Slice of St Ives - 1877.
Opening of the railway Branch Line (Cornishpastyman)
St Ives Archive - moved
SIA Wesley Methodist Church 2017
A Well Documented Slice of St Ives - 2015.
At the Wesley Methodist Church (Cornishpastyman)
Loss of St Ives Lifeboat
RNLI Loss of Lifeboat 1939
The Most Tragic Slice of St. Ives.
The loss of the RNLI John and Sarah Eliza Stitch - 1939 (Cornishpastyman)
St Ives Archive - 21st Anniversary Dinner
The volunteers and custodians of St Ives' heritage celebrated its 21st year in 2017 at West Cornwall Golf Club. .
Women in the Industry; St Ives
ST IVES Archive has won a national award for a project focusing on the history of women working in local industry.
Old Vicarage Flats Project
St Ives Archive is working with CLT to uncover the history of the Old Vicarage Flats which are now being developed as social housing.

We would like to thank the contributors for their participation and permission to use this material

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